Saturday, 8 March 2014

the XL Pro e-cig from Intellicig (Nicoventures/BAT)

The XL Pro is the new starter kit from Intellicig, a company owned by BAT.

It is interesting that it has been timed to launch just after the Puritane from Imperial, however the e-cig itself is completely different.

It works using a glass Aspire BDC tank and a variable voltage, Spinner, type of battery.

Here is my initial demonstration of the XL Pro and a quick run-down on how it works.

It is a good starter kit, there is no doubt about that.

I personally use an Aspire tank on a Spinner on a fairly regular basis, and have been doing ever since the Aspires first appeared a short while ago, so there is nothing especially new here.

It seems as though they have looked at what is available and then come up with a checklist of what would be needed for a good starter kit.

- Refillable
- Glass Tank
- Changeable coil
- Variable Voltage battery

The results are then neatly bundled into a well presented box and supplied with a good set of instructions.

It is noticeable that BAT are using the Intellicig brand to develop their 'Generation 2' e-cigs.

I have a feeling that they will run with this kit, whilst at the same time developing new clearomisers and atomisers in anticipation of the Tobacco Products Directive legislation.

It seems to me to be a good tactic for them to have the 2 brands, both Intellicig and Vype - and the strategy appears to be for the Intellicig label to supply regular e-cig products whilst the Vype brand is used for BAT specific products that they have developed themselves.

Actually, I was both pleased and relieved when I saw the kit. Why ? - because it wasn't a "let down". It was good, it worked, and it is the kind of starter kit that I would have come up with using currently available products.

This is part 2 of my XL Pro video

So, it seems like Nicoventures are trying to get some market share, with the launch of this starter kit.

An whilst they are committed to having a licensed medicinal product, they clearly recognise that the real growth is going to be in the generation 2 consumer products and they don't want to be left behind in either sector.



  1. We will have to watch and see how it plays out once the nasty EU get their laws in place.

    1. With electronic cigarette store, nothing associated with the particular 4,000 deadly chemicals found in classic smoking cigarettes are produced because you don't have smoke... not a single thing actually burning. No smoke means no tar, carbon dioxide monoxide, etc.

  2. Looks like a fine 2nd Gen piece of kit. I run an aspire off a spinner when I'm driving so I'd not knock it as a concept. Only... any idea on pricing?

    1. Hi Josef, I have not been told the pricing, but will update as soon as I find out.

    2. The retail price is £39.99 for the kit

  3. No difference to the backup i keep in the car. Spinner and aspire glass tank. What strength liquid did they supply in the kit?

    1. Hi Michael, the kit comes with 3.0% Ecopure. (30mg/ml)

  4. Hi could you tell me please what power is the xl pro vv battery and has the attie got two or four small holes in the side because I hear the four hole aspire mighe gurgle a bit thanks

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