Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Local News Story - Pub Bans E-cigs (again)

It seems that every few weeks, or so, a local newspaper publishes an article about someone, somewhere, who is annoyed and doesn't understand why they are not allowed to use their e-cig in a local pub, usually a Wetherspoons.

This week, it is the Hartlepool Mail who report that 2 local e-cig users are shocked to discover that e-cigs are not allowed in some of the town centre Pubs.

You can read the full story here :

Whilst I cannot see why a pub would ban an electronic cigarette, I do accept that pubs and clubs are private property and the owner can apply any rule they like, and they do not have to give a reason.


I do like reading these stories. Everytime a pub asks a person not to use an e-cig on their premises and that person goes running to the local paper to complain - It gives electronic cigarettes a free advert.

Every time this happens, there is a story about how someone who has smoked for 20/30/40 years has not had a cigarette since using an e-cig. How e-cigs produce harmless vapour and how there is no reason why they cannot be used indoors.

So, thank-you Wetherspoons for another free advert for our wonderful electronic cigarettes, and there are plenty of other pubs who have no problems at all with their customers using a harmless e-cig whilst having a drink. 

There is only one loser in this kind of story (clue - begins with the letter W)


  1. the sooner jd wetherspoons go bankrupt the better..bye bye tim martin...tony blairs bum boy.

    1. With e liquid store online, nothing associated with the particular 4,000 deadly chemicals found in classic smoking cigarettes are produced because you don't have smoke... not a single thing actually burning. No smoke means no tar, carbon dioxide monoxide, etc.

  2. Should just go to The Arches Park Road Hartlepool and buy one from the new Ecig shop there.

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