Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Romastino - What a great guy !

Romastino has decided to retire from making his e-cig review videos.

Many people in the UK Vaping world will know of Romastino (Glenn) as a result of his informative and entertaining You-Tube reviews and videos that he has published over the last few years.

He has built up an army of fans who watch his You-Tube videos, in which he talks about different electronic cigarettes and provides reviews for viewers to watch. These videos have been educational and informative and throughout them all, his affable character comes across.

There are so many people that will be familiar with the words:
"Hiya folks, Glenn here ... " the opening line for most of his videos.

Which was why I was very sad to hear that Glenn had decided to 'retire' or quit his review videos.
It must have been something that he has given a considerable amount of thought to - so I have to respect his decision.

On a personal level, Romastino has had a very big impact on my life. When I started out with e-cigs, I was desperate to learn more about them and I always bookmarked his videos to watch and learn from. He most certainly helped me on my e-cig journey. Batteries, Cartomisers, Atomisers - I learned so much from Romastinos' videos.

So did several thousand other people.

Perhaps he will return, perhaps not - that is up to him.

But thinking about it, lets not feel sorry that he has decided to quit - lets feel good about all of the videos that he has done. He dedicated a lot of his own time to educate others for no other reason than to share his obvious passion for electronic cigarettes.

I am very grateful for the work that he has done over the last few years. 

- So,

THANK YOU, Glenn for taking the time to make those videos - THANK YOU for helping others to learn about e-cigs.

Rather than feel sorry that you have quit - I feel so pleased that you were there for us when we needed you.

Romastino - always a vaping Legend.


  1. Glenn has produced some fantastic reviews and helped many hundreds/ Thousands with his videos. Its sad to hear that he wont be doing these again but i wish Glenn well he is a true gent.

  2. I really don't know what to say, but thanks would be a good start.
    I appreciate every word you have taken the time to write and im humbled by them I really am.
    If i have helped one person over the years then I am proud of that fact and hope some of my videos can be referred to for future reference.
    Many Thanks from a truly humbled Glenn :-)

  3. well said SON,you have made a lot of people very happy,with your reviews,and HELPED a lot of people on there way,(TAKE TIME OUT) BUT YOUR FANS,AWAIT YOUR RETURN IN THE FUTURE,ONE PROUD DAD XX

  4. Wow , very well said and written . I agree with every part of what you have said sir .

    I honestly do hope that Mr Glenn will come back someday with " Hi folks glen AGAIN " .

    Glenn is truly a honest , sweet , and good Lad . .

    I too have been helped a lot by him and love his videos . .

    I wish him well

    God bless and warm regards

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