Saturday, 1 June 2013

is Professor Bertollini a LIAR ?

Roberto Bertollini is the World Health Organisation (WHO) representative at the EU, and Chief Scientist of the WHO regional office for Europe.

For such an important position, you would think that he would know his stuff. He should do, having been promoted to such a level.

However, on the subject of electronic cigarettes, he appears to be either appallingly ignorant and incompetent or a devious liar - one of these two.

There is no other explanation - think about it - he either knows his stuff, as his qualifications would indicate, in which case he is a devious liar - OR - his knowledge falls far short of his qualifications and he is incompetent and ignorant.

The thing is, this is not just my view.

Professor Etter is someone who really does know about this subject. Why ? because he is a serious academic who bases his statements on thing like facts and evidence, you know, the sort of things that are backed up by actual research and academic scrutiny.

Professor Etter's areas of research include tobacco dependence, nicotine replacement treatments, other addictions - so he should know about electronic cigarettes, and he does.

Here is what he has to say about e-cigs and Roberto Bertollini :

Professor Etter described Roberto Bertollini's presentation as "appalling" - Bertollini "cherry picked" studies - his evidence was described in terms such as "if a student had presented such a work to me, I would have given him a very bad grade"

EU policy is being decided upon with the input of this appalling, cherry picked, bad-grade, poor student level of knowledge from Bertollini.

So Roberto Bertollini is either a devious liar or an incompetent.

Either way - with this track record - He should not be allowed anywhere near near EU Law making that affects the health of many millions of people.


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