Friday, 14 June 2013

Video Blog - why the MHRA model will not work

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  1. Excellent video. The price is another important aspect. Here is a comment I made on Dick Puddlecote's blog.

    "The reason nicolites welcomes the MHRA decision is because they sell only prefilled cartomisers and the highest strength is 16mg - presumably to sell more cartomisers and useless to a former heavy smoker. Surprisingly, there is no information available for the total nicotine content, but they claim the equivalent of "up to " 20 cigarettes. I have read this is more like 6 or 7 cigarettes in reality and this is consistent with my experience of filling my own cartomisers. The nicolites cartomisers cost £6.95 for three. Accepting nicolites' dubious claim of 20 cig equivalence, this works out at £16 a week for a 20 a day smoker - they claim an "up to" 75% reduction in smoking cost, which actually works out at £13.72 a week, but with loyalty points etc, this is broadly true. If 7 cig equivalence is more realistic, the cost is around £40 a week.
    Mixing my own 24mg liquid, replacing the cartomiser each week and allowing for two replacement batteries a year costs me less than £5 a week.
    That's the reason nicolites welcomes the MHRA decision