Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Gamucci e-cig zone at Heathrow

So, I read the news that Gamucci are to run an e-cig zone at Heathrow airport.


In the past, Gamucci have said that they support the plan to medicalise e-cigs, even though it has taken one of their competitors over 2 years to apply for a licence and they have still not been successful.

Now they are proposing the idea that e-cig users should be segregated away from the rest of the public at Heathrow - happily throwing away one of the many benefits of using an e-cig rather than smoking tobacco, namely that they are not covered by the indoor smoking ban.

My advice to anyone thinking of buying an electronic cigarette - Don't buy Gamucci, instead get one of the others that you can use anywhere.

By the way - Gamucci were not the first to introduce an e-cig zone in Britain and Ireland.

Below is a map of the original - with the 'e-cig zone' shaded in green.


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