Friday, 8 November 2013

The first time an e-cig featured in a UK mainstream TV drama

Cast your minds back to the end of 2009 and the start of 2010, a time when Gordon Brown was still Prime Minister.

Electronic cigarettes were just beginning to be used in the UK, the seed had been planted and the number of e-cig users were the original early experimenters, perhaps just a few thousand.

I have found, what I believe, must be the first time an electronic cigarette appeared in a mainstream UK television drama.

Filmed in 2009 and broadcast on the 1st Feb 2010 at 9.00pm on BBC1

Season 6, episode 5 of 'The Hustle'


If anyone knows of an earlier clip of an e-cig that appeared in a UK television drama, please let me know. I am also curious about the type of e-cig that is being used here.
At the time of filming (2009) there were just a few e-cig Vendors in the UK.
There was Totally Wicked (or Pillbox28 on ebay), Gamucci and E-Cigs (now Libero) and also starting out were iVapour and Liberty Flights.

This really was early days when the pioneers paved the way for what we have now.

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