Thursday, 12 June 2014

Blucigs TV ad campaign, and the Pro kit.

Blucigs were formerly known as Skycig in the UK, and now owned by Lorillard (a giant US tobacco company).

Have launched their multi million pound TV ad campaign which will run continuously between now and the end of December.

It aims to be seen by 50% of adult smokers per month - and to have been seen by 90% of all adult smokers by the end of the year.

This is the full version - the TV version contains a subtitle with the words:
"Contains nicotine, 18+ only, Blu ecigs are not a smoking cessation device and have not been evaluated by the MHRA"

And on the subject of Blu cigs, I purchased one of their new Pro starter kits to see what they have done with it.

It is basically an evod starter kit for 19.99, nothing new there. Here are my initial thoughts :


  1. Hi Matt I saw one of your videos after seeing this one on your YouTube Channel.

    I like this review of the Blu Pro Kit.

    But I have a gripe. Your video 'Easy way to avoid the 20mg limit regulations' is wrong.

    A bottle of 18mg lets say in 10ml so 18mg/10ml added to another 18mg/10ml will not give you a 36mg strength. It gives you 36mg/20ml. Which is the same as 18mg/10ml.

    The video is misleading and will cause confusion to people. I would post a reply on your video but comments are banned and I did not want to post on your YouTube discussion page.

    I hope my explanation makes sense.

    1. It was an 'April Fools' video - posted on the forum on 1st April. !!!!