Monday, 11 August 2014

Happy Birthday, Scott !

Today happens to be Scott Bonner's birthday, so I thought that it is the perfect time to pay my respects to him.

I started using electronic cigarettes in the summer of 2011 and spent the next couple of years finding out more about them.

Scott Bonner was one of my biggest influences back then, I learned so much from watching his You-Tube videos about e-cigs. I can remember the joy of finding out that he had uploaded a new video and would sit and avidly watch each and every single one. Even if he was reviewing a product that I had no intention of buying myself, I would still watch them over again just to learn and find out about what was new on the electronic cigarette scene.

Scott's You-Tube Channel

I would go so far as to say that if I had to pick someone who had helped me learn about e-cigs - someone who has been the biggest influence for me over the previous 3 years - then Scott would be one of the first names to spring to mind.

This is just my personal view, but I am fairly sure that there are thousands of other people out there that think the same way.

So, THANK YOU, Scott.

I hope that you have a Happy Birthday.