Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The e-cig TV adverts

One of the more exciting things that has happened in the electronic cigarette business recently is the start of national television advertising.

In the same week, in the middle of January, both Skycig and E-Lites launched their adverts, both claiming to be the 'first'.

Okay, I personally don't use either of these brands, I have never tried them so I am not going to comment on whether they are any good or not - but I was still really, really, exited - Electronic Cigarettes, my favourite hobby, was being advertised on television for the first time in the UK !

And then I saw them.

Personally ( and obviously this is just my opinion ) but, personally, I think that one of them is much better than the other - here they are:



One of them has had just over a thousand views on You-Tube, the other has had well over half a million.

It seems that You-Tube viewers agree with me about which one is the winner !


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