Wednesday, 30 January 2013

UK Smokes - e-liquid review

The shop that I work in sells a range of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, and one the the questions that I am often asked, by people who are just starting out with an e-cig, is which flavour tastes 'like a cigarette' ?

There are some really nice tobacco flavours available, but I am always on the look-out for something new.

So I was intrigued enough when I saw this new product, from T-Juice, to order a sample bottle from their website and give it a go.

It is called "UK Smokes" and is described as :

"Just like a real cigarette, which is drier than, and not as sweet as, other tobacco flavours ... "
"This is a subtle and smooth tobacco taste makes UK Smokes a great all day vape."

mmm....  Just like a real cigarette eh ?   -  lets give it a go, I thought.

I have been using it in a Vision Clearomiser and the new Kanger EVOD (more on that later) for the last few days now, and I have to say that I am really quite impressed.

It is quite smooth and definitely a 'dry' tobacco taste, there is no sweetness at all, like you get in some of the tobacco flavour liquids. You do have to like tobacco flavours to like this and it is not a very strong flavour, quite mild, which would make for a good all day vape - If you are looking for a strong rich tobaccoey taste then this isn't it, but it does have a delicate, subtle quality to it similar to a plain cigarette.

This is an original flavour, they have come up with something new here, not just a variant on the other flavours that are available. Overall I really quite like it ( I do like tobacco flavours ) and UK Smokes would go perfectly with a pint or a cup of tea or coffee.

Is it "Just like a real cigarette" ?

No - but it does come close, closer than anything else I have tried.


  1. I got my first electronic cigarette kit off of VaporFi, and I enjoy it a lot.

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